Social Contract Theory
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Teach your children how to be assertive. Encourage your children to express their feelings clearly, say no when they feel uncomfortable or pressured, stand up for themselves without fighting and walk away in dangerous situations. Stop bullying when you see it. Adults who remain silent when bullying occurs are encouraging it and making it worse.

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Listen and support children who speak up. Telling an adult about bullying is not easy for children. If a child comes to you seeking assistance with bullying, spend time listening to them and provide affirmation and support before taking actions. Read through and discuss our Bullying Checklist with your child as a resource. Recognize the signs of depression.

Youth who experience persistent bullying can develop signs of depression like sadness, isolation, poor concentration and sleeping problems. These symptoms can affect their relationships and school performance. Many children do not recognize or speak up about their emotional needs.

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Make sure to reach out and get them help when you see these signs. Tell your children to take action when they see bullying behavior.


Tell them to speak out against the bully and inform a teacher if the behavior doesn't stop. Bullying continues only when we allow it to. Team up. Help them develop programs to prevent bullying and promote safe school environments. You can start by talking to kids about the issue and teaching them the rules below that will help prevent cyberbullying from happening to them or someone they know. What Kids Need to Know: Never give out personal information online, whether in instant message profiles, chat rooms, blogs, or personal websites.

Never tell anyone but your parents your password, even friends.

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In particular, it accords them the power to make contracts, to be the subjects of the contract, whereas other persons are denied such privilege and are relegated to the status of objects of contracts. Market Watch. Download et app. Parents who want to help should assess the best channels of communication in their particular situation. By Firm. Held, Virginia. The bus is a prime example, as drivers have limited ability to observe children and condemn acts of bullying.

If someone sends a mean or threatening message, don't respond. Save it or print it out and show it to an adult. Never open emails from someone you don't know or from someone you know is a bully. Don't put anything online that you wouldn't want your classmates to see, even in email. Don't send messages when you're angry. Before clicking "send," ask yourself how you would feel if received the message.

Help kids who are bullied online by not joining in and showing bullying messages to an adult. Always be as polite online as you are in person. Since most cyberbullying takes place at home, it's important that parents know about cyberbullying and that they get involved in preventing it. Just like parents help their kids avoid inappropriate websites, they can protect them from cyberbullying. Taylor is the founder of the New Century Foundation and edits its American Renaissance magazine, which, despite its pseudo-academic polish, regularly publishes proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black and anti-Latino racists.

Taylor also hosts a conference every two years where racist intellectuals rub shoulders with Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.

Vinson is an adherent of Kinism, a white nationalist interpretation of Christianity. Sam Francis — former editor of the Council of Conservative Citizens journal. Sam Francis was one of the most influential white nationalist thinkers and writers in recent memory. The ubiquitous presence of his columns in racist forums and his influence over the general direction of right-wing extremism has remained steadfast since his death in There is a precedent.

The aforementioned ban against the immigration of Communists and Nazis was used in much the same way against those who were suspected of being Communist or Nazi sympathizers. Refrain from becoming involved in any kind of bullying, even at the risk of incurring temporary unpopularity. Intervene to protect the player who is being bullied, unless it is unsafe to do so. Anyone who becomes the target of bullies should:. Not suffer in silence, but have the courage to speak out, to put an end to their own suffering and that of other potential targets.

here We ask our parents to support their daughters and London Lightning Fastball by: Watching for signs of distress or unusual behaviour in their girls, which might be evidence of bullying. Advising their daughters to report any bullying to their coach Head or Assistant or Team Manager and explain the implications of allowing the bullying to continue unchecked, for themselves and for other players. Advising their daughters not to retaliate violently to any forms of bullying.

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Being sympathetic and supportive towards their daughters, and reassuring them that appropriate action will be taken. Keep a written record of any reported instances of bullying and copies of cyber-bullying Informing the London Lightning Fastball Association of any suspected bullying, even if their daughter is not involved. Co-operating with the London Lightning Fastball Association, if their daughter is accused of bullying, try to ascertain the truth. And point out the implications of bullying, both for the players who are bullied and for the bullies themselves.

Our website will include current information on teams, tournament, social events, committees, team schedules, season standings, rules and by-laws. Postings written, photos or videos will be family-friendly and feature positive news and events.

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No personal information about our players will be disclosed. No statements will be made that might bring our organization into disrepute. Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive statements will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be blocked from the site.

We expect our players and parents to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information or posting material on public websites connected to London Lightning Fastball. This is extremely important when players are in uniform this includes any or all clothing either provided by London Lightning Fastball or purchased in conjunction with Spirit Wear sales. Must not intimidate, humiliate or bully another person.

Must not offend or demean themselves or another person.

What is workplace bullying?

Must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person. Should respect and maintain the privacy of members.

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This includes all Social Media forums both run by London Lightning Fastball and or the individual players and parents accounts. Committee members, coaches and team managers may use email to provide information about tournaments, training, social events and other business, however: communication involving children will be directed through their parents.

Outline below are the steps that will be taken in response to reports of bullying or social media incidences:.