The Guide to Doing your Own Divorce without a Lawyer

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And if you'd like to learn how does divorce mediation work in Illinois, download our free eBook today.

Can I file for Divorce without a Lawyer in Louisiana?

The articles in this blog are for informational purposes only and are not intended as legal advice, financial advice, emotional advice or counsel. Mediate with us instead. Book an initial meeting for you and your spouse to get started!

You can work with us if you or your spouse lives in any of these states:. How to Choose a Mediator. Lawyer vs. Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: What's The Difference? Search this site on Google. Read our divorce blog for practical guidance and to learn more about our divorce mediation services. Is Divorce in Illinois without a Lawyer Possible? Share this post:. Illinois Divorce Mediation The answer to the question, "How to get a divorce in Illinois without a lawyer," is to mediate your divorce by working with a highly skilled and professionally trained divorce mediator.

At a very high level, here's how you can divorce in Illinois without a lawyer: First, you and your spouse both agree to mediate your divorce. Once you've chosen a mediator and started the process, you will gather and provide your mediator with a series of financial documents, forms and worksheets commonly referred to as discovery. Over the course of 1 to 4 sessions, your divorce mediator will actively guide you and your spouse through a series of discussions and negotiations on all necessary issues parenting time, child support, maintenance, property division, etc.

As agreements are reached on these matters, your mediator will draft a document called a Memorandum of Understanding MOU memorializing them.

When mediation is completed, you will file your divorce in one of four ways two of the ways do not involve a lawyer. It's better for your children. Every decision made in mediation is made with one thing in mind: How will this decision impact your children? As comedian Craig Fergusen once said: Divorce lawyers stoke anger and fear in their clients, knowing that as long as the conflicts remain unresolved, the revenue stream will keep flowing.

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You control the pace of your divorce and the terms of your settlement. Lawyers are often overbooked, juggling dozens of cases. You may not be a priority and things may drag on longer than need be. You and your spouse usually hire divorce attorneys and duke it out until a settlement is reached, either by you or a judge.

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It depends on personality and the level of anger. Sure, it might be fine if you have no assets, no kids, and nothing to divide.

Often people choose an attorney before they decide how they want to get divorced. And as for representing yourself? Unless you're an attorney by trade, it's not recommended. At the same time, you might be working to get a custody agreement in place if you have kids or pets and making decisions about who is leaving your shared home.

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How long it takes to get divorced is often a reflection of how complicated your divorce is—and it can last anywhere between a couple of months to years, says Wollack. Speaking of costs: It all depends on where you are and the specifics of your circumstances. A mediator is often assigned to help you and your spouse reach an agreement about the issues in your case.

Introduction to Divorce without Children

If there has been domestic violence in your marriage, mediation is not recommended. Let the court know if you have a personal protection order or if you are afraid to negotiate with your spouse. To learn more, read Mediation and Other Forms of Settlement. If your spouse has already filed an answer or motion in the case, you can only file a Dismissal if you and your spouse both sign it. Your divorce might be resolved in one of these ways:.

After there is a default, an agreement, or a trial, you can submit a proposed Judgment of Divorce for the judge to sign. The judgment will end your marriage and will state what you and your ex-spouse must do regarding the property and debt division and spousal support alimony. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

Search for your legal issue. For complete results, select the county where you live or where your case is filed: Select county. Clair St. Introduction to Divorce without Children Contents. You or Your Spouse Must Be a Resident Either you or your spouse must have lived in Michigan for at least the last six months before filing.

5 Key Considerations When Preparing for Divorce Financially:

Separate Maintenance Separate maintenance is sometimes called legal separation. Annulment An annulment is a court decision that a marriage did not happen. End of Marriage When you get a divorce, the judge will end your marriage and the legal benefits that come with it.

What do you have to prove to get a divorce?

Property and Debt Division Property or debt that you get during your marriage is usually considered marital property. Spousal Support Alimony If you or your spouse asks for spousal support and you can't reach an agreement, the judge will also decide this issue. What Is the Divorce Process Like? Starting the Divorce A divorce case begins when you file a summons , a complaint, and other required papers with the court. Answer Your spouse may file an answer to your divorce complaint.