Shades of Gold (After The Fall)

The Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones
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Sure, the O of O loves her wigs—like the super chic style she nicknamed Tatiana —but she also boasts a healthy mane underneath. This color will bring out your natural features and beautiful brown skin, making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Fashion and beauty chameleon Rihanna stepped out in July rocking a new "icy" hair color. She also posted her new 'do on Instagram with the following caption: "Grey is the new black! Blondies, it's quiet for y'all! If you work in a corporate job, the silver hair color is a good choice to add a little flair while maintaining a professional appearance.

Rapper and The Talk co-host Eve is known for her blonde hair, but she mixed things up in with a softer, more adventurous shade. Singer and rapper Lizzo matched her bejeweled updo with the pink flamingo carpet at the Met Gala. Another option is to go with a soft, dusty rose color, blending the pink, while keeping the tones muted, which creates a seemingly natural look. Tight curls not only blend the shades, but also add movement.

Complete the look with a complementary lipstick shade. If your complexion is within the same tone as Insecure creator Issa Rae , then your skin is best complemented by golden and copper-based undertones. The shade also gives you plenty of room to play with accent colors in both your hair and makeup. Union has tried blonde hair, pixie cuts, and bobs, but rich brown hues, layers, and protective styles are her go-to styles.

It emphasizes their natural features, but also makes hair look healthy. Your skin will glow even brighter with dark brown hair.

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It's very classy and timeless. Even if you have textured curls or natural hair , you can still experiment with different hair colors, like Davis did at the Academy Awards when she wore an Afro pixie cut. Edit Article Add New Article.

Best Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania

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Hannah Tran, The Gazette. Alpine Loop at Lake City. Road-trippers get ready to be dazzled by mother nature's remarkable display of fall color. The fall season is finally here, which means striking colors of red, gold, yellow, and burgundy. The trees that provide these picturesque colors are deciduous trees that shed their leaves once per year.

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Outside of their exquisite fall colors, all deciduous trees provide many year-long benefits. Once the leaves drop, it allows sunlight to penetrate your home and landscape with much-needed warmth in the colder months. In the spring, the leaves grow back quickly providing dense and large reaching shade for the summer. Below are five of our favorite deciduous trees that we recommend for instant fall color and year-long benefits. Raywood Ash A popular choice for landscapes across the southwest , the Raywood Ash is known for its breathtaking display of rich red to deep burgundy foliage in the fall that gives any landscape a unique touch for the season.

The Colors of Sunset and Twilight

Its leaves drop off quickly after the fall season, allowing for an easy one time clean up. During the warmer months, the Raywood Ash is an ideal shade tree that grows more upright than it does wide. Its dark green foliage provides a sharp contrast to any landscape and looks great as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree where its exceptional beauty and color can be admired.

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While the ranch is termed "rustic-luxe," there's plenty to do and see that will get you outdoors to explore the fall colors—fishing, horseback riding, hiking are ideal activities during an autumn visit. Insider Tip: The colors along Highway 67 to Cripple Creek are accessible, but hurry — they peak and fade quickly. Embarking on your Pigeon Forge vacation soon? These seasonal offerings showcase the best parts of fall in the Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials say they expect peak colors to last even longer this year, stretching into the first week of November, with the colors even brighter than in past years. Leaf color comes from pigments. This is when the air begins to cool off a little and visitors from all across the country come to witness the Smoky Mountains fall foliage transform from deep greens to vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange.