Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters

The Artsy Fartsy Secret of Karate’s Obsession With Old Masters
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Lost your password? Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters; One of my teachers once told me that one should never let the lack of ability to set things right, stop them from doing what is right. Anthony D. Blade Show Daly is perhaps more well known for his documentary film on Chinese traditional martial arts on the island of Borneo, " Needle Through Brick.

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Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters has made martial arts history by bringing together martial arts masters and grandmasters from throughout the world, from all. 9th Degree Black Belt 41 Years teaching experience World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Grandmaster Instructor of the Year International Weapons.

Both essays and the documentary are well worth your time, but for now we're going to focus on a passage in Daly's essay that Judkin's highlighted as indicative of what traditional Chinese martial artists believe is the reason behind their slow decline:. When I asked why he was not more active teaching himself, he answered in a gravelly voice:.

In my opinion, the world has changed. I never teach my son and grandson.

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People ask me to teach, but people's minds nowadays are wicked A real master can only teach real kung fu to his disciple who learns under him for at least 10 years in order to know his character well or he will create problems. We'll not teach the practical use of Kung Fu to those who learn only 2 or 3 years.

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This is the traditional culture. That's why a lot becomes extinct.

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Chinese traditional kung fu is like this. When I asked whether it was possible to modify the way that students were selected and basic training methods, all of the masters at the table said ' no. Furthermore, they said that even if they wanted to change the methods, they could not, because they made an oath and were obligated to continue teaching the way that they were taught by their masters. One commented:. It has carried on from generations to generations in this way.

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From master to student through time. So we can't do it freely as we wish.

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We must respect the way things were done. Immersed, as they are, in the age-old traditions of their art and conscious of the war-like origins of their teachings, they entertain no illusions about the real purpose of their style, even when recognizing and gladly accepting the restraints imposed by society.

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What the masters, and they are indeed few, know better than anyone else, therefore, is that no drill, no matter how perfect, can replicate the chaos of real-world combat. Your email address will not be published.

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Blade Show Rating details. This series has brought together 83 martial arts masters in 3 volumes containing ove Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters has made martial arts history by bringing together martial arts masters and grandmasters from throughout the world, from all martial arts style to share their teachings, stories, secrets, techniques, philosophy, and the deeper wisdom of the martial arts. Unlock the hidden secrets of Martial Shop Books. This is a great collection of short essays on a wide variety of martial arts and self-defense topics written by highly qualified experts.