One Hundred Days

One Hundred Days of Rain by Carellin Brooks
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Track Listing: 1.

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Brown, Derwent Rifles 3. Duet on Scottish Airs 5. Auld Lang Syne.

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Filters Release. Nick Garbett Quintet - Lontano. Stream or Download here. View more Purchase, Stream or Download here.

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The Hundred Days marked the period between Napoleon's return from exile on the island of Elba to Paris on 20 March and the. One Hundred Days or days may refer to: Days ( film), an Indian thriller film; Days ( film), a film about the Rwandan Genocide; Days .

ABC Jazz is excited to announce the very first commercial release of a recording by Paul Cutlan's Coltrane Project, including a complete performance of John Coltrane's unfathomable masterpiece, Ascension. The Coltrane Project was formed by Paul Cutlan and John Mackey as a one-off tribute concert in to mark the 30th anniversary of Coltrane's death. Gathering together some of Australia's finest improvisers, the popularity of the concept and the transformative energy of the ensemble has seen it regroup for a number of very special shows over the years, unique gatherings, never to be repeated, and never to be heard beyond those lucky few in the room - until now.

Equinox follows in a minor key with a slower, moodier blues: it gives the two basses plenty of space to interact, blending with bass clarinet. Then the key shifts up a semitone, unleashing a searing alto sax solo from Andrew Robson, before sinking back to the depths.

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In this version, the bass clarinet and two basses once again create a dark, velvety texture, before a sublime piano solo from Adam Ponting. Kaleidoscope is a quirky, Calypso melody built on the harmonic progression to Giant Steps, written by Tony Gorman.

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Alto sax and piccolo clarinet duet before trading choruses, then the two basses also trade choruses. Then came the second set - Ascension itself: a massive piece of intense expression, in which the players collectively create walls of sound.

The Siècle Podcast

Each performer is featured in turn against this visceral environment, galvanised to transcend themselves in sound. For this set, the sextet is joined by Sandy Evans tenor sax , Mathew Clare alto sax , Phillip Slater trumpet and Jeremy Borthwick trombone - an incredible lineup featuring some of the most creative and accomplished jazz performers in Sydney. I think there are some incredible performances among all three recordings, but the original Coltrane albums are a daunting yardstick to be measured against.

Jazz Chill. Tristan und Isoldechanged forever the rules about what music should and could be, and introduced concepts — including chromaticism, dissonance and even atonality — which would define the development of music throughout the 20th century. But it is above all a work of staggering beauty, of love unfulfilled, where singers and orchestra come together in some of the most sublime music ever written. Purchase, Download or Stream here.

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Since , Latitude 37 has been delighting audiences around Australia and beyond with its unique approach to early music, combining musical integrity with a passion for communicating the beauty and humanity of Baroque music through performance. This album contains all-new recordings of music which has brought the trio joy over its first ten years together. And we also wanted to celebrate those times when we kick off our shoes and have some collective fun: exotic Bulgarian dances, French folk songs, and exquisite music by Erik Satie, reimagined for the 17th century.

Its distinctive combination of Baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord opens up a wealth of repertoire that is rarely explored by other Australian ensembles.

Latitude 37 Gnossienne No. When the mighty Sydney Town Hall Organ, one of the wonders of the musical world, emerged from 12 solid years of repairs and refurbishment in the mid s, the organist chosen to capture its magnificence on disc for the first time was the Australian virtuoso David Drury.

This 3CD set begins with that extraordinary recording, made to celebrate the centenary of this unique and glorious instrument: built by William Hill in , the biggest and best-preserved 19th-century Romantic organ in the world. There is music of whisper-light delicacy and music of earth-shaking grandeur, and every possible shade and timbre in between.

Disc 3 takes us to Melbourne, where Drury explores the power and the subtlety of another splendid instrument: the T. This collection also features three thrilling improvisations by Drury himself — the only Australian ever to win the prestigious Tournemire Prize for improvisation. Phillips Orchestral Suite No. Founded in the 15th century and drawing on an unbroken tradition of musical excellence, the Choir has captured the hearts of listeners all around the world. Rescued from the vaults and now available for the first time: two superb tracks by award-winning Australian organist David Drury.

Recorded on the Murray M. Intensely beautiful and passionately rhapsodic, the Sonata Eroica traces a musical journey from simple folk melody to mighty fugue, finishing in a radiant burst of joyous sunshine. But a journalist Danylo Mokryk assures that in the first one hundred days of the presidency, Volodymyr Zelensky made… Bohdan.

In turn, a political expert Serhii Bykov notes: over the first one hundred days of the presidency Zelensky managed to fulfil the main task — to consolidate his own power and brilliantly win early parliamentary elections. A military expert Sviatoslav Stetsenko believes that now we can evaluate only the process, not the result. After all, it is still not clear what has been done to increase the defensive and offensive capabilities of the country.

Slogans pronounced and written were powerful, but they have not yet been confirmed neither by organizational nor informational actions.

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And in the foreign arena, the basic principle was violated for these one hundred days: nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. A diplomat and an international lawyer Vadym Triukhan noted that it is too early to be especially proud of something in the office of the sixth president, as well as to criticize him for some global mistakes.

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