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The Power of Romantic Words
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Seduce The most common meaning of seduce in modern usage is probably this one:. The principal parts of the verb are seduce , seduced , have seduced. The present participle form seducing is used as a verb or a gerund:. Like the verb seduce , the adjective seductive is not limited to a sexual connotation. Anything that evokes a strong emotional attraction can be said to be seductive :. Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.


From mild-mannered architect to hot and sexy ex-commando! Running away to an isolated cabin for a few days, Christy is shocked when Jared turns up at her. Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion - Kindle edition by Jenn Roseton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Bottom line: seductive adjective : sexy, tempting. They can surprise you with their unusual energy or spontaneity. Charlie Chaplin was a Natural; he was an adult child on the silver screen. Chaplin offered the illusion that life was once simpler and easier, and that for a moment, or for as long as the movie lasts, you can win that life back. A childish quality can be charming but it can also be irritating. The most seductive Naturals are those who combine adult experience and wisdom with a childlike manner.

Coquettes lead us on, alternating hot and cold, keeping us on their heels. People are inherently perverse. An easy conquest has a lower value than a difficult one; we are only really excited by what is denied us, by what we cannot possess in full. Coquettes are independent because they are narcissists. To understand the peculiar power of the Coquette, you must first understand a critical property of love and desire: the more obviously you pursue a person, the more likely you are to chase them away.

You signal a cloying neediness. Withdrawal makes us mysterious; we increase in their imaginations. Josephine famously played the great Napoleon. He would ignore campaigns until he heard from her. When she turned cold, Napoleon would bring his rage to battle. Vanity is critical in love.

Insecurity can be devastating.

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But after the insecurity, Coquettes return to ignite our hope and we feel desired again. The world is full of people who try, people who impose themselves aggressively.

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They leave no space around themselves, and without space there can be no seduction. In a world that discourages direct confrontation, teasing and selective aloofness brilliantly disguises aggression.

Seduce, Seduction and Seductive

Coquettes face an obvious danger: they play with volatile emotions. Every time the pendulum swings, love shifts to hate. Coquettes can overplay their hand. Once love and trust are broken, they never mend to former strength. Their method is simple: they deflect attention from themselves and focus it on their target. Charmers make us feel better. Charmers do not argue, complain, or pester — what could be more seductive? By drawing you in with their indulgence they make you dependent on them.

To be a Charmer you have to listen and observe. Let your targets talk and reveal themselves. Listen to your target's complaints, but then distract them from their problems. They will fall under your spell. Benjamin Disraeli charmed Queen Victoria. They exchanged flowery, almost romantic correspondence for years.

He consulted her frequently on policy decisions, asking for her advice. Disraeli so charmed the Queen that he was one of few men allowed to sit in her presence. People who play on their beauty, have little power in the end. Beauty fades. Charm is ageless. The solution is to befriend and charm as many people as possible. Secure your power through numbers. We often recognize Charmers; we sense their cleverness. Still, we fall under their spell. The reason is simple; the feeling that Charmers provide is so rare as to be worth the price we pay.

It comes from an inner quality — confidence, sense of purpose, contentment — that most people lack and want.

Charismatics become a kind of screen of which others project their secret fantasies and longings. This quality radiates outward. They have a gift for oratory.

They can seduce on a grand scale. Charismatics express vision. Purposefulness is doubly charismatic in times of trouble. Since most people hesitate before taking bold action, people will believe in you through the simple force of your character. Call it the Savior Syndrome: once people imagine you can save them from chaos, they will fall in love with you. Mao could be proletarian and aristocratic, Peter the Great could be cruel and kind, Charles de Gaulle could be excitable and emotionally detached, Freud could be intimate and distant A Charismatic relies on the power of words.

Words are the quickest way to create emotional disturbance.

How to seduce and flirt with touch: part 1.

They can uplift, elevate, stir anger, without referring to anything real. But beware, charisma is as volatile as the emotions it stirs. Your passion, your anger, your confidence make you charismatic, but too much charisma for too long creates fatigue, and a desire for calmness and order.

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Prefer using words? Many people ask me these questions and more about dating and relating. Look at that last closing line: So are we done, or do you want to sit and talk like adults? They simply perform a sexual function. The robot as ultimate partner.

Miss Juliette and the Princes are here to make your special evening one hell of a party! Make an Enquiry.

Prince of Desire

Behind the Curtain. The Magic Prince With a wave of his wand, the Magic Prince will leave you spellbound and make your heart disappear with his exquisite youthful athleticism. Prince of Babylon A descendant from royalty, the Prince of Babylon will invade your heart like no other with his amazing bone structure and alluring exotic appeal.

MC — Miss Juliette The Mistress of Ceremonies, the Compere of the Night and the only lady of the kingdom that can resist the advances and the temptation of the Princes. Prince of Passion With a beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit, the Prince of Passion is all about sensuality and to explore your ambitions.

We all love a romantic man with passion nevertheless be watchful.


All may not be what it seems. Prince of Seduction Our Prince of Seduction exudes persuasion and the allure of enticement to ladies who enter the kingdom.