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The Indians sharing their villages with crocodiles
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Sydney photographer Andrew Paice was on a tour with his family on Australia's Adelaide River when he saw a 5. Nothing to see here. Just a five-foot goanna lizard hanging out in an Australian backyard, drumming on the drainpipe with its tail. In The Field Backyard wildlife. By Earth Touch News March 27 Earth Touch News Earth Touch News Earth Touch is built on a simple philosophy: nature's stories should be told with passion and imagination. Support Monthly.


Predator vs Prey. Three-legged crocodile nabs shark in Australia river By Sarah Keartes. Backyard wildlife. It's just another day in Australia when you find a 5ft goanna lizard chilling in your backyard By Earth Touch News. Kid reels in big fish, gator has other plans By Earth Touch News. Breaking News: Regions.

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As they grow crocodiles eat more vertebrates, mainly fish but including whatever land animals they are able to catch and kill in or near the water. In captivity. Estuarine or saltwater crocodiles are an important part of north Queensland's Hints for fishing safety in waterways where crocodiles may live.

Extant Crocodilian species. Family Gavialidae. Gharial G. False gharial T. Family Alligatoridae.

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American alligator A. Broad-snouted caiman C. Black caiman M. Cuvier's dwarf caiman P. Family Crocodylidae Crocodiles. American crocodile C. West African slender snouted crocodile Mecistops cataphractus Central African slender-snouted crocodile Mecistops leptorhynchus. Dwarf crocodile O. Related articles on alligators , caimans , crocodiles and gharials. Fatal alligator attacks Crocodile attacks Crocodile farm Crocodile tears Famous crocodiles and alligators Sewer alligator.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An adult Crocodylus mindorensis basking. Crocodylus mindorensis Schmidt , The offal consisted of the heads, feet and intestines of poultry mixed together and chopped as necessary.

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Be extra vigilant during the breeding season November to April when crocodiles defend a territory or nesting mound and become more aggressive. Thank Andrey M. Drive carefully and slowly. See pictures of the life-giving Nile. The accompanying footage, captured at Cahills Crossing in Kakadu National Park , shows a woman successfully reeling a barramundi onto the bank, only to watch helplessly as a crocodile scampers ashore to claim her catch. Both the …. Be Crocwise: Fishing and boating Be alert when fishing on riverbanks.

For routine feeding of poultry offal a very coarse mincing machine has proved successful. With poultry offal as a basic diet there is obviously scope for experiment with supplements and the addition of other ingredients. What proportion of fish or red meat, for example, would produce a significant improvement in growth?

In a commercial situation costs and benefits would also have to be carefully monitored. As Fig. The middle part of the growth curve is fairly straight, that is to say the decreasing growth rate results in a fairly constant gain in size and weight - in this case about 4.

For Richmond's Daniel Rioli, finals are like fishing with crocodiles around

Growth rates expressed in this way can be misleading if the details are not given. For example, when a crocodile of 30 cm gains 5 cm in a month and another of cm gains 5 cm in the same time the smaller animal grows by The rate of growth slows down very noticeably as crocodiles approach maturity.

Presumably the species which mature at a smaller size will show this slowing of growth proportionally earlier. There is some evidence however that different species grow at different rates in captivity even during their first and second years. In Papua New Guinea the freshwater species was, on average less than three quarters the size of C.

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Both types were kept under identical conditions. It made no significant difference to growth rates whether the two species were kept separately or together. De Vos mentions that 50 mugger hatchlings had an average increase in length of 4.

Ghariai, which are about 37 cm long at hatchling, reached 1. Various published figures for American alligators roared in heated enclosures indicate growth rates of Published growth rates for Nile crocodiles in captivity are from southern Africa where cold winter months have reduced or prevented feeding. As would be expected, the rates are relatively slow. Since These crocodiles would have grown little or not at all during the winter the monthly average 2.

9.2 Factors Affecting Growth

Wild crocodiles grew only about half as fast. In Papua New Guinea male crocodiles of both species grew significantly faster then females in a trial where the starting weight was 4. From numerous growth records it was calculated that male C. At larger sizes the sex differential will be greater because growth in females becomes very slow indeed as they approach maximum size.

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A sample of 49 captive alligators in their seventh year showed males to average 2. In captivity, at least, the different rates of growth shown by crocodiles are difficult to explain by any of the factors mentioned so far.


Sometimes crocodiles just grow much more slowly, or rapidly, than the average. This is true even of hatchlings from the same clutch of eggs which are reared under identical conditions. Within a nest incubation temperature can vary from top to bottom but it seems unlikely that this could account for the extreme variation that sometimes occurs in hatchling growth.

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